Welcome to Mason Dixon K9, we’re excited you’re here!  We understand finding the right trainer for your dog can feel overwhelming.  There is a multitude of factors to consider including certification, location, group/class size, comforts (will my dog be taken care of as if they were at home), and so much more.  

At Mason Dixon K9 we pride ourselves on creating a unique 1:1 training regimen to match the responsiveness of your dog.  Because much like humans, no two dogs are alike and respond differently to training. It is with our training philosophy, using a mix of balanced certified methods, 14 plus years of experience that we have found unparalleled success.  

We invite you to learn more ABOUT US and understand that when you commit to training your dog with us, we commit to you and your dog just as we would our own dogs.  When we train your K9 companion we break down the communication barrier between you and your dog so you can enjoy the many benefits of owning a Good Canine Citizen ®!


Benefits of Having Your Dog Professionally Trained:

  • Decrease and or elimination of behavioral issues
  • Stronger bond
  • Increased Safety for humans and animals including, but not limited to: 
    • Better recall ("come")
    • Ability to maintain neutrality with other dogs
    • Less stress at the groomer
    • Calmness at the vet
  • An elevated level of respect between owner and dog
  • Better control
  • Peace of mind
  • ...and so much more!


Why Mason Dixon K9 is Different:

  • We treat your dog as if they were our own
  • 1:1 training, no large group training where focus could be drawn away from your dog
  • Enrichment activity participation between training sessions
  • Countless situations for dog training, stimulation
  • Balanced training, using multiple methods
  • Training that is unique to your dog, NO ‘cookie cutter’ approach to training
  • Operates on a privately owned family farm with multiple distractions to enhance training
  • Daily farm walks (50-acre farm)
  • Play yards with monitored strategically focused socialization
  • …and more!


Mason Dixon K9 is a family-owned and operated facility and we accept new and returning K9 citizens by appointment only. Please fill out our Evaluation Form so we can begin tailoring a 1:1 training program as unique as you and your K9 companion. 


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