Since 2003, Ryan and Sandy Bulson (Mason Dixon K9) have been helping families and various organizations to rescue, re-home, track, and train dogs. Over the course of their 15 + years of tireless dedication, they have, and continue to, foster and re-home hundreds of dogs (200+ to-date), which includes litters of puppies, seniors, medically challenged dogs, and dogs with severe behavioral issues. In addition to running a Mason Dixon K9, Ryan and Sandy continue to make time assisting several rescue organizations, including holding key positions on the board and within the Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue (MAGSR) - a top 5 German Shepherd Rescue facility in the US. Their hard work, dedication, and fortitude have earned them utmost respect and many accolades within the K9 community, including the moniker, ‘The K9-Power Couple’. 

In early 2021, Ryan and Sandy Bulson decided to turn their passion into a reality by opening the doors of Mason Dixon K9, a unique dog training facility located on their 50+ acre farm in Carroll County, Maryland. Serving various clients, and multiple rescue organizations up and down the East Coast, Mason Dixon K9 uses balanced training methods that are focused on the nucleus of dog-to-owner communication and relationship. One of the key elements that sets Mason Dixon K9 apart from other training facilities is during sessions, Mason Dixon K9 trainers distill and tailor complex training methods and techniques, creating a 1:1 balanced training regimen that is specific to each dog’s needs and client training requests. 

This in itself may appear simple and obvious, but most facilities use a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach; meaning they use the same techniques on all dogs. With this unique approach, this ensures a higher level of communication between canine and companion, removing any barriers while delivering a well-behaved canine family member. Before each client/family leaves the Mason Dixon K9 facility with their newly trained companion, Mason Dixon K9 ensures there is an understanding of what your dog has learned during their stay with a comprehensive post-training session with all family members. The support for all graduates doesn’t end when you leave the facility, Mason Dixon K9 is always there to answer questions and address concerns.

Mason Dixon K9 understands that choosing the right trainer can be intimidating (overwhelming), but this philosophy and approach has given the Mason Dixon K9 training program continued growth and numerous success stories, even with the hardest K9 behavioral issues. 

Mason Dixon K9 offers an array of SERVICES to all dog breeds ranging from 2-12 week sessions: Board & Training (2-8 Week Sessions); Day Training & Boot Camp (2-6 Week Sessions); In-Home Training; Private Lessons, and AKC Canine Good Citizen Testing® and Certifications.





Ryan has put in more than 700 hours of studying and hands-on training into obtaining his certifications, and diligently strives to stay current with the latest strategies and additional certifications through continuing education. He has strengthened his experience and reputation by working with Steve Hagey, one of the best dog trappers in the US, of Detect a Pet. In addition, both Ryan and Sandy have worked with Find Toby of Pennsylvania, not only assisting in the growth of the Find Toby network, but also tracking and finding lost pets in PA and neighboring states. 

With Ryan’s laser focus on balancing the right training techniques that are individually tailored to best suit each dog and training requests, he is also focused on ensuring all trainers and staff apply the same precision to every dog for their duration at the Mason Dixon K9 facility.  Aside from executing these critical duties, his hands-on, hard-working philosophy proves to be the perfect approach with each success story, graduate, and staff member at the Mason Dixon K9 facility.

 When his focus isn’t on Mason Dixon K9, he balances his time to serve on the Board of Directors of the Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue (MAGSR). His service goes beyond the board, but this also warrants many successful adoption stories coming from MAGSR. In his downtime, Ryan loves spending time with his amazing family and enjoys life on the farm.



Sandy has spent her life helping others, and has found unparalleled success doing so, but behind the scenes.  Ensuring the spotlight is shone on the right area and causes, she applies her focus into the inner workings and day-to-day operations of Mason Dixon K9, Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue (MAGSR), and her family (which includes everything on the 50+ acre farm).

TThe achievements of Mason Dixon K9 are attributed to the dynamic, hard-working and passionate drives of both Ryan and Sandy; while Ryan focuses on the training and exterior of Mason Dixon K9, Sandy is the backbone of this unique facility. The day-to-day operations are no small task, but she makes them look astoundingly easy. Balancing the multiple schedules that keep Mason Dixon K9 running alone is not a small task; add on organizing, communicating and ensuring all facets and functions of the inner-workings are precise and succinct while balancing working with MAGSR, and family is mind-blowing. Her sweet and passionate demeanor are welcoming, and as you get to know her, Sandy’s drive for perfection is a positive force of good to be reckoned with. She prides herself on the accomplishments of Mason Dixon K9, MAGSR, and of course her family.

When Sandy isn’t focused on the daily operations of Mason Dixon K9, she turns her focus to her positions within the Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue (MAGSR), intake and vetting.  She plays a critical role within the Intake team (evaluating dogs that enter the rescue), and overseeing the vetting group (ensuring medical protocols and vet visits are in place, in addition to interviewing potential adopters).  While these descriptions sound simple, it is deceptively so - the psychological and scientific methodology Sandy has developed and honed in on that is applied to every aspect of these elements of rehoming any dog, but in particular, a German Shepherd Dog (GSD) is demanding and exact. Having this background also plays a substantial role in the staggering achievements of Mason Dixon K9.  Using these unique skill sets to give a different perspective into the dogs that come to Mason Dixon K9, has proven to be a winning strategy.



Tory began her journey into the canine profession many years ago by volunteering with Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue (MAGSR) - a top 5 German Shepherd rescue organization in the US.  Since her time with MAGSR, she has fostered more than 70 dogs and assisted in placing them into the right homes.  Fostering gave her the opportunity to grow her knowledge of dog psychology, care, and training while allowing her to do what she is passionate about. 

Since joining Mason Dixon K9, Tory has focused her time and energy into developing her skills and techniques as a full-time trainer. While she continues to train under Certified Head Trainer, Ryan Bulson, her drive and ability to communicate to each canine is incredible to watch. Mason Dixon K9 is ecstatic to have someone who is passionate, driven and focused on the success of each dog. When Tory is not busy working or taking care of her family and dogs, she is a Pet-Care Specialist and is entrusted with the care of many local pets.



Susan grew up with dogs, and has always had dogs in her life, even while balancing the chaos of a family and various activities.  Passionate about providing a loving and caring environment to dogs who may not have had that in the past, Susan decided to fulfill her dream to help train dogs.  

Her family knows her as kind, gentle, caring, all the while keeping you on task; perfect traits of a trainer.  If Susan isn’t at Mason Dixon K9 pouring herself into the betterment of all the dogs, you can find her with her family and their two GSD (German Shepherds), supporting first responders in some capacity, or hunting down the perfect subject matter for the perfect photograph. 



What started out as part-time quickly grew into full-time, full-passion for Michelle.  She began her professional career as a teacher, but as soon as she stepped foot onto the 50+ acre farm, that was it, she was in and had to flip from teaching full-time to training full-time.  With a family and three dogs of her own, she’s very familiar with ensuring there is balance, clarity, focus in order to achieve goals; all the elements of a well balanced trainer. 

If Michelle isn’t on the farm improving her techniques, you can find her with her family, dogs included, doing something outdoors or cheering on the Baltimore Ravens. 



Brooke embodies the philosophy that drive and passion, regardless of the profession, does pay-off, and works incredibly hard.  Prior to college, and learning she could turn her passion of helping others into a career, Brooke began her journey as a kennel technician and apprentice trainer.  During this time, she gained valuable experience which afforded her many opportunities that were applicable to other aspects of life, and uses these lessons not only at Mason Dixon K9, but also as a nursing assistant in the emergency room. 

When Brooke isn’t splitting her time helping with the day-to-day operations, she is busy taking care of all the animals at home and on the farm.



After graduating from college, Cassie began her professional career in health care and stayed in the industry for nearly two-decades.  Holding her degree in psychology, she felt it was time to expand her horizons to something she has been passionate about her entire life; helping others and communicating.  It wasn’t until nearly a decade ago when her family lost their beloved lab, that they discovered that fostering would heal the heartache.  Since then, Cassie and her family have fostered more than 70 dogs, all the while maintaining a busy family life in addition to two dogs of her own; Hendrix from MAGSR, and Joplin (foster fail) from Double Dog Dare Rescue.

When Cassie isn’t busy managing Mason Dixon K9 social media, you can find her looking after her family, fostering more dogs in need, or engaging in any number of outdoor activities like camping or kayaking.



Growing up on a farm certainly has advantages, you develop an enormous passion for animals both large and small, and Rileigh's passion and drive is huge!  When she’s not showing cattle from her family’s farm, planning and executing activities for her school’s Future Farmers of America (FFA) Veterinary Science Team, she’s showing her adorable French Brittany with the Carroll County 4H Dog Club, of which she’s been a member for more than 5 years.  Rileigh has always been actively involved with caring for animals. Prior to working for Mason Dixon K9, Rileigh worked with a dog breeder specializing in the Cane Corso, Schnauzer, and mini Schnauzer breeds.

When she isn’t plotting her course to attend college to become a veterinarian, you can find her kicking around the dirt on the farm enriching the lives of her many animals (horses, dogs, cats and goats) in some unique new way.



It may come as no surprise that just like some of the other Kennel Technicians, Abbie also absolutely loves working at Mason Dixon K9; mainly because it doesn’t feel like work!  To an outsider, it may seem like just play, but there is a method to her approach to any dog who is at MDK9.  To ensure the hard work all the trainers are putting in are reinforced, Abbie is meticulous and focused to ensure the highest level of care and attention is given.  The level of communication and respect the staff has for one another is unmatched, and the proof is with a happy team.  Mason Dixon K9 creates a compassionate and welcoming environment not only for the dogs, but also the staff, and it shows with the passion and drive that Abby and her colleagues have.

In her downtime, you can find Abbie recharging on a nature hike, focusing on hitting bullseyes with a bow in hand, or drawing.   You can also find her taking care of her own herd of animals (2 dogs, 3 cats, bearded dragon, leopard gecko, chickens, and rabbits) or you might just find her spending extra time with the Mason Dixon K9 family showering all the dogs with extra love and attention.


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