Since 2003, the Bulson Family (Mason Dixon K9) has cultivated and grown the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to operate their unique dog training facility located in Carroll County, Maryland. Focused on the nucleus of dog-to-owner communication and relationship, the Bulson’s have more than 14 years of experience rescuing, re-homing, tracking, and training dogs. Mason Dixon K9 opened its doors in 2021 and has been growing exponentially through word-of-mouth referrals ever since. 

The Bulson’s fifty-acre farm services various clients and multiple rescue organizations up and down the East Coast. Mason Dixon K9 strives on creating a 1:1 training regimen tailored to each dog’s needs and each companion’s desires.  Mason Dixon K9 understands that choosing the right trainer can be intimidating (overwhelming), but has found unparalleled success based on their core philosophy, namely, that you and your dog are considered family. And, as we all know, family is important to people and paramount to long-term K9 training success.

During training sessions, Mason Dixon K9 trainers distill complex training methods to a level and techniques specific to your dog while breaking down communication barriers in order to deliver a well-behaved, obedient family member. It’s through this mixed-methodology that Mason Dixon K9 training program continues to grow their success stories, even through the hardest K9 behavioral issues. 




Ryan and Sandy Bulson have earned the utmost respect and many accolades within the K9 community.  Their hard work, dedication, and fortitude have even earned them the moniker of the ‘K9-Power Couple’.  Over the course of their 14 + years of working to help families and rescue organizations, they have fostered and re-homed more than 150 dogs, which includes litters of puppies, seniors, medically challenged dogs, and dogs with severe behavioral issues.  

Since opening the doors of Mason Dixon K9, Ryan and Sandy continue to make time dedicated to assisting Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue (MAGSR) - a top 5 German Shepherd rescue facility in the US.

They both hold significant positions within MAGSR while operating and growing Mason Dixon K9.  Sandy finds time outside of the day-to-day operations of Mason Dixon K9 to focus on her positions with MAGSR.  She is a critical part of the Intake team that evaluates dogs that enter the rescue, and the vetting co-coordinator who ensures all dogs get what they need, in addition, she spends a lot of time doing home visits.  While these descriptions sound simple, it is deceptively so - the psychological and scientific methodology that is applied to every aspect of rehoming any dog, but in particular, a German Shepherd Dog (GSD) is demanding and exact. 

Ryan balances his time between serving on the Board of Directors of MAGSR, working with multiple rescue organizations, and executing the duties of Head Trainer at Mason Dixon K9. In addition, Ryan has strengthened his experience and reputation by working with Steve Hagey, one of the best dog trappers in the US, of Detect a Pet. Ryan and Sandy have both worked with Find Toby of Pennsylvania, not only with assisting in the growth of the Find Toby network, but also tracking and finding lost pets in PA and neighboring states.

Ryan has put in more than 700 hours of studying and hands-on training in order to obtain his certifications and diligently strives to stay current with the latest strategies and additional certifications through continuing education.   In their downtime, The Bulson Family enjoys life on the farm with various farm animals and their six dogs.

  • Stateline Canine Inc. - Certified Professional Obedience and Behavior Modification
  • AKC Certified (American Kennel Club) - Certified to administer the Canine Good Citizen Test
  • ICAP Member (International Canine Association Professional)
  • APDT - Association of  Professional Dog Trainers Member



Tory began her journey into the canine profession many years ago by volunteering with Mid-Atlantic German Shepherd Rescue (MAGSR) - a top 5 German Shepherd rescue organization in the US.  Since her time with MAGSR, she has fostered more than 70 dogs and has assisted in placing them into the right home.  Fostering gave her the opportunity to grow her knowledge of dog psychology, care, and training while allowing her to do what she is passionate about. 

When she’s not busy volunteering or taking care of her family and three dogs, Tory is a Pet-Care Specialist and is entrusted with the care of many local pets.  Her passion and interest have led her to the latest opportunity with Mason Dixon K9 as an Apprentice Trainer.  Here she will train under Certified Head Trainer, Ryan Bulson, and continue on her journey in the canine profession.


Is to empower and improve the communication and relationship between individuals, rescue organizations, and
their canine companions through comprehensive training and behavioral modification.

Is to be a center for exceptional K9 training, behavioral modification, and an array of services focused on the
nucleus and communication of dog-to-owner relationship, Mason Dixon K9 is committed to the betterment and
growth between dogs of all breeds and their human companions through their successfully proven techniques
and philosophy.

Is to provide an unequaled experience for both the owner and canine companion that elevates the obedience,
and bond, while delivering a Canine Good Citizen TM through tailored training that is unique to each dog.

Are Integrity, Quality, Adaptability, and Compassion. With these core values, Mason Dixon K9 delivers superior
training and an exceptional product, a Canine Good Citizen TM that ‘doesn’t cross the line’.


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